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Leading Pharma Tech innovation.

At BISIONA, we not only develop innovative solutions for the Pharma industry based on Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Rather, we evolved traditional data analysis systems towards behavior prediction thanks to the integration of analytical models based on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning.

Thus optimizing many daily management processes in companies, and helping to increase the volume of business thanks to informed decision-making.

Adaptabilidad Pharma

360 Adaptability

Our solutions are characterized by 360 adaptability to the specific needs of each business, thus allowing them to be included in our platform, standardizing them and integrating them into the model.

Thus ensuring that your needs are 100% covered from the beginning and increase the value of your business.

Robustez Pharma


Our software stands out for its robustness, since all our solutions are perfectly integrated into the BISIONA platform, thus creating a single information access point for our clients.

Experiencia Pharma


Our team, with experience in the Pharma industry, has allowed us to create a BI platform that provides an immediate response to all the needs of the laboratories and companies that work with us.

Innovative solutions for the Pharma industry

At BISIONA we develop Data Science and Artificial Intelligence technologies, in the search for innovative methodologies and solutions to apply them to business cases in the Pharmaceutical and Health industry.

Offering proven value models based on Machine Learning and Data Science integrated in our module called baia.


BISIONA has developed a solution that helps in the complex management task involved in public tenders and negotiations, for public bodies; or the negotiations between the laboratories and the different private hospital groups.

Our module offers a complete and robust solution, organizing and automating these management processes, in addition to providing a business intelligence system where strategic indicators are obtained that allow the Management and the KAMs to establish the best strategies to compete in such a demanding market, as it is today, the hospital market.


At BISIONA we believe in your success and that is why we have also developed a specific solution to help you manage employee objective and incentive plans, even more so if we think about the commercial area of ​​your organization.

With our Performance Measurement System module, you will find a system for planning and calculating objectives and incentives that is fully integrated with sales and other indicators that the commercial organization uses on a daily basis.


It is essential to have a solution that integrates all sources of interest to the company, keeps them updated and conveniently cross-referenced for exploitation.

For this reason, BISIONA includes in its BI platform this specific solution for the pharmaceutical and health industry, ready for use including “out of the box” all the Sale force Effectiveness needs of the industry and covering the different business profiles, whether they are focused on hospital products, specialists, primary care, diagnostics, generics, devices, OTC or others.


BISIONA has designed a CI module in its platform that offers a robust and agile response to our clients.

You will be able to offer your organization a fast and always up-to-date solution. And most importantly, we give you the tool that allows you to dynamically analyze the market making more accurate strategic decisions.


The Route Optimization module optimally plans the delegate/representative’s visit agenda.

At BISIONA we want to help laboratories, and with this module we offer an autonomous system for you, with direct benefits for the company and the delegate.


Leaders in innovation

BISIONA is a leader in innovation, offering innovative solutions for companies in the Pharma and Health industry with the aim of helping them improve their processes.

The current approach focuses on fostering a data culture in companies, designing solutions based on predictive analysis of behavior and information, to facilitate informed decision-making.

If you want to learn the keys to start making Data-Driven decisions in your organization, download our free E-book “8 Keys for Data-Driven Decisions”

Solutions for the Pharma industry

We grow with our clients

At BISIONA we have been working for more than 15 years with pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, developing innovative, robust and flexible solutions capable of meeting the needs of the Pharma industry.

In addition, with a client portfolio that already extends internationally, at BISIONA we continue to grow thanks to the trust that our partners place in our BI and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

This support has allowed us to continue evolving and developing increasingly innovative solutions capable of offering a better experience and results to our clients, who are the engine that pushes us to continue overcoming new challenges every day.

Soluciones innovadoras para la industria Pharma


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