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Industry 5.0: Applications and benefits

What is industry 5.0?

Is Industry 5.0 a revolution in itself? The truth is that there are many experts who differ on this issue. Some scientists refer to this new process as a natural evolution of the so-called 4.0 revolution, while others consider it as a new stage and revolution in itself.

What is certain is that industry 5.0 presents a series of characteristics that make it unique and different from the previous ones, and therefore, it is necessary to know its particularities.

In this case, we are facing a revolution that aims to promote the transformation of the sector into smart spaces thanks to technologies based on IoT and cognitive computing. Trying to unite in this sense the machines of industry 4.0 with the people who operate them. In other words, develop Artificial Intelligence to evolve the integration between technology and the human being.

Industry 5.0
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With this new approach, it is not only intended to give greater importance to the role of the human being, but it also becomes a process to help improve the efficiency of companies. Thus strengthening their resilience and ability to adapt more flexibly to changing industry conditions.

Other aspects that make this revolution different from previous ones is that, for the first time, sustainability is part of the central axis of progress. The need to make these processes more inclusive, using technology to face the challenges in sustainability and efficiency that characterize the current market.

The objective? Recognize and use the power of these tools in order to contribute to the prosperity of the economy and, more importantly, of society.

These aspects will fully affect the players in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector, who will have to change the focus of their practices to be able to face these new emerging needs.

Industry 5.0: Characteristics

If we had to summarize the main characteristics that define this new stage of technological innovation and sustainability, then we should take into account 4 fundamental aspects of Industry 5.0:


  • First of all, industry 5.0 seeks a comprehensive transformation of industrial sectors. The objective is to create intelligent spaces thanks to the integration of technologies based on IoT, Artificial Intelligence, or Cognitive computing.


  • Secondly, despite the fact that some experts speak of industry 5.0 as a revolution in itself, we believe that it is more correct to refer to this process as an extension of industry 4.0 since we seek to evolve the ideas and concepts of the technologies 4.0. This evolution seeks, among many other things, to place the human being and sustainability at the center of these advances.


  • In addition, as we have just mentioned, the human being becomes part of the central axis of all these changes. And, for this reason, another of the objectives that will characterize industry 5.0 is the search to strengthen this collaboration between technology and robots with the people who operate them.


  • Finally, the flagship characteristic that has seemed to stand out the most and that already defines this new technological revolution is the commitment to sustainable growth. This is the first time that sustainability and social / environmental responsibility appears as one of the objectives of these technological revolutions.
Industry 5.0
Rise of personalized medicine

Use of intelligent systems and algorithms with the aim of creating personalized medicines to the needs of each person.

Need to meet high standards

Greater demands on quality and agility standards that companies and laboratories must comply with.

Search for greater sustainability

Pursuit of profitable economic and industrial development, while ensuring sustainable efficiency.

Industry 5.0

5.0 industry report

If you want to know more in depth all the characteristics that define industry 5.0 and how its impact on the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector will create new trends in the market that we must follow, you can download our report “Industry 5.0 Report” completely free of charge.

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