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Performance Measurement

Streamline efforts and resources in planning goals and incentives

At BIsiona we believe in your success and that is why we have also developed a specific solution to help you manage employee objective and incentive plans, even more so if we think about the commercial area of ​​your organization.

We want to simplify and streamline the efforts and resources that this type of plan generally entails. We have detected the use of multiple tools that do not achieve optimal management and lead to unnecessary errors.

We understand that detailed and adequate information for each of the actors involved is what helps an organization to continue advancing.

With our Performance Measurement System module, you will find a system for planning and calculating objectives and incentives fully integrated with sales and other indicators used daily by the commercial organization.


Allows comprehensive management and monitoring of the process


Definition, visualization and comprehensive monitoring of objectives and incentives

What advantages

does the module

Performance Measurement?




Definition of objectives

  • It allows the use of different criteria: business unit, line and product or product groupings.
  • Create simulations by changing the values ​​of the variables that intervene in the calculation of the definition of objectives: market sales, weighted account growth…
  • Integration of sales data, market, automatic history (if you already have the BI module), avoiding interface errors.
  • Realization of the calculation and/or distribution of the objectives by any territorial level, delegate, province, reference hospital, sanibrick, account, etc.
  • Distribution of objectives based on monthly pesos reflecting seasonality, if any, or other circumstances such as growth over time.
  • Adaptation to the reality of each territory: national or area managers will be able to make adjustments to these versions of objectives proposed for their teams.
  • Possibility of selecting different periods of time (by months, quarters, years, mixed…) as well as other measures (values, counting units…)
  • Automatic loading of the plan of objectives and visualization in the sales dashboard, facilitating the work of the delegate in the analysis and monitoring of coverage.

FULL coverage

  • Coverage for qualitative and quantitative objectives and incentives
  • The BIsiona module allows the management of sales indicators, as well as other qualitative indicators (training plans, action, etc).
  • Load of fulfillment of qualitative objectives.
  • Target groupings.
  • Sample of both quantitative and qualitative compliance curves.

Management of incentives

  • Calculation of incentives.
  • Attainment curves.
  • Escalation, “Pass”, recoveries.
  • Charges distributed per cycle or annually
  • Incorporation management.
  • Management of incidents, sick leave, maternity, substitutions, vacancies…
  • BASE incentives, annual regulation, discretionary.
  • Publication of incentive plan and agendas


  • Analysis of incentives at any territorial or organizational level.
  • Analysis by products and families.
  • Dashboards for monitoring and simulation of incentives.
  • Incentive plans available for review online.

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