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Route Optimization 

Tracking field activity

The field activity in the sales network is one of the most important and strategic actions in any organisation with a view to introducing and/or maintaining their products in the market.

Companies usually use the CRM system to manage this activity. However, besides tracking the field activity, the sales force is not provided with a tool that will allow and drive compliance with the corporate strategy when scheduling their visits.

This problem is known as the Traveling Salesman Problem and BIsiona provides an easy and affordable solution for this.

“Optimum visit scheduling
to increase sales”

The “Route Optimization” module schedules the sales force visits in the most convenient way. The ultimate purpose of this module is to optimise the indicators of the field activity performed by the sales force and, therefore, increase sales of the products on offer.

BIsiona aims to help labs and with this module we offer you an independent system with direct benefits for the company and the sales force.

The company can:

Plan the visits of the sales force based on strategic parameters, including:

  • Segmentation.

  • Daily activity.

  • Types of days.

  • Work and local calendar.

  • Frequency of visits.

  • Geography and time.

  • Dispersion and mileage.

  • Sales potential.

  • Cycles calendar.

  • Etc.

  • Measure the sales force efficiency in their field activity integrating other data sources and modules in BIsiona, such as activity, sales and investments.
  • Deploy the solution immediately as it does not require installation on the representatives’ devices (Tablet…).
  • Know beforehand what, when and whom is the visit for.
  • Obtain indicators for decision-making and on-going optimisation.

The sales force obtains:

  • An automatic and optimum schedule of all the daily visits for the cycle or any given period.

  • Repeat visits required by segments.

  • A view of the routes and customer details


  • Route maps with average time estimate and mileage.
  • Chance to change routes, visits, failed visits and re-plan routes.
  • Dashboards to analyse progress made with their activity.

With BIsiona you will find:

  • A solution that is specific to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry and takes into account the special features of customer visits and frequency.
  • Integration of the route system with other BI modules in BIsiona, which provides a global view of the sales, targets, activity, investment and orders integrated with the route scheduling.


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