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Keys for better management and monitoring of tenders

E-book “guide for better tenders management & tracking”


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Tenders are becoming increasingly relevant for purchasing in the healthcare & pharmaceutical sector. To ensure profitable growth, pharmaceutical companies need to strive for tender management excellence.

Thus, companies need to adapt to new competitive environments, where tendering have become the new standard procurement practice.

However, this is not an easy task. Pharmaceutical companies have to deal with multiple stakeholder involvement, limited stakeholder access, and varying processes across markets and countries.

Therefore, companies need to formulate localized tenders strategies. Furthermore, the tender structure needs to be carefully analyzed to capture relevant differentiation.

That’s why equipping your organization with the right system will help you develop a structured and proactive tendering strategy.

Tender management system: New Opportunities

Integrating a tenders management system into your company’s processes will bring you many advantages and benefits such as:


  • Interaction with the process, its phases and stakeholders during the whole tenders’ life.


  • Analysis of the characteristics and attributes such as offers markers, prices, assignment criterias, competitors, etc.


  • Integration of all sources of information and interest, keeping them uptades and operating as a single point of management for the company.

But, does all tenders management systems include these features? Not really.

What should we look for in a tender management system?

At BISIONA, we are aware that finding an efficient tender management system is not an easy task, and that there are many factors to take into account.
Therefore, in order to make the decision process easier for companies when analyzing and looking for a good tender management system, at BISIONA we have developed a free guide where we explain what the functionalities are and the keys to follow to achieve efficient management and monitoring of bidding processes in the Pharmaceutical industry.
Tenders management and monitoring

Download now for free our E-book “the ultimate guide for better tenders management & tracking” to find out which are the key features that should consider when choosing a great tenders management system for your company.

E-book "guide for better tenders management & tracking"


Send download link to:

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