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We design our own solutions for the industry


BIsiona Business Solutions was established in 2005 as a business intelligence company led by a team of experts with vast experience in engineering, developing and deploying solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

We specialised in this industry to become your technological partner and help you to keep growing by deploying our platform.

We firmly believe that a good analysis of information is key to decision-making and this is why we develop solutions that make analysis and drawing insights easier.

Our extensive and specialised knowledge allows us to understand you quickly and effectively, which in turn allows us to deploy BIsiona solutions across your business in barely any time.

BIsiona therefore aims to improve the lives of the people who work to improve people’s health.

“We strongly believe in making your job easier”

We believe that interpreting data correctly is directly linked to improving people’s lives.

Because we should know and optimise the information that surrounds us to work better as the way to finding job satisfaction every day. This in turn will make the organisation improve and grow.

Following this philosophy we work on research, development and improving our solutions. Thought and designed for you, for your lab.

Bisiona, a company with international projection

Since its inception, Bisiona has always maintained an interest in continuing to grow internationally, offering solutions adapted to the needs and characteristics of different markets.

For this reason, Bisiona’s desire to continue growing constantly has led us to develop increasingly ambitious expansion and globalization projects.

As a result of our desire to grow globally, we have established an international presence in countries such as Mexico, Italy, Portugal, or in regions such as Middle East & Africa (MEA).

Today, Bisiona focuses on continuing to grow by developing expansion projects, with a special interest in expanding the business in the European market.



Our pillars


By focusing on only one industry we have been able to create a BI platform that promptly addresses all the labs’ needs.

We help you to succeed by:

  • Deploying the solution quickly.
  • Providing appropriate results that the stakeholders can see.
  • Cutting down costs.


We focus our efforts on research to know the industry and any emerging needs and to detect and optimise data sources that contribute valuable information to our solutions.

Our work team has a long career in the pharmaceutical industry.


Because we believe that you are unique. BIsiona allows us to include your specific needs in our platform, standardizing them and integrating them into the model to ensure that your needs are fully met from the very start and for you to increase your business value.

With BIsiona you will: 

  • Simplify your systems map.

  • Avoid dispersion by using different apps that interact with each other.



We are proud to have very high standards in our job.

We seek the best solution for you. With each step we take, we aim to be the best and help you become the best too.

We want to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.


We research and we improve. Innovation in terms of improving, doing things differently and easier for you and your team.

In a world where the data cloud is growing dramatically, we are bent on researching and creating solutions that will provide a clean and fast view of what is happening around us.


We believe in relationships. In people as the driving force of change. We believe in our team, in our partners and in you.

This is why we only see ourselves as your technological partner, the person that walks hand in hand with you and grows by your side.

We listen, we ask questions and we propose solutions. We believe in long-lasting relationships.