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Tenders & ACcounts 

Integrated management and analysis of tenders and negotiations

True to one of our three pillars, knowledge, BIsiona has designed a solution that will help with the complex steps involved in bids and tenders for public bodies, or negotiations between labs and the different private hospital groups.

These sales processes involve a large part of the company and take a great effort in coordination, documentation, approvals and follow-up. Especially when the country of the tender has a decentralised administration and each regional body can establish its own rules and procedures.

“The fast and flexible solution to optimise

processes in the hospital business”

This situation entails a major challenge for labs who are forced to seek resources and internal procedures to handle the tenders and negotiations.

BIsiona knows you need a tool to analyse all the information and how important it is to have reliable indicators that will offer insights to help with decision-making.

For this reason, our module offers a complete and robust solution, organising and automating these management processes and providing an intelligence business system that supplies strategic indicators to help the Management and the KAMs to establish better strategies to compete in such a demanding market as today’s hospital market.

7 reasons to implement the Tenders & Accounts module in your organisation:

1.To simplify the processes and requirements

  • By means of different types of workflows to deal with all types of tenders and negotiations.
  • Forms related to each state of the process that help meet the requirements of each phase in the tender or negotiation.
  • Register and calculate deadlines.
  • Manage negotiation entities and their link to customers on the internal finances and sales platform (ERP).
  • Manage bid versions.
  • Extensions.
  • Mass changes.
  • Produce reports by any specification of the proceedings.

2. To streamline the tasks of each person involved in the flow

  • Approvals.
  • Roles.
  • Warnings for outstanding actions..Aprobaciones.
  • Reminders of deadlines.

  • Avoid mistakes and improve productivity

 3.  Integrated document management

  • Integration and storage of documents during each phase in the process.
  • Create documents automatically.
  • Manage templates.

4. Total traceability of actions and results

  • Manage changes.

  • Reports for searches and download of changes for auditors.

  • Log of e-mails sent/received by the system.

  • Roles and authorisations with function segregation.

5. Adaptability to business needs

  • Special requirements depending on the type of business, drugs, diagnosis equipment, supplies and hospital material.
  • Risk/Cost Sharing Agreement.

  6. Automated data feed

  • Load master and sales data from the ERP.
  • Interface to load history logs.
  • Integrate data from suppliers announcing tenders or information on the competition.

  7.  Analytics integrated with the business intelligence engine provided with BIsiona

  • All types of dashboards integrating quantitative information on tenders, sales and information on competitors.
  • Analysis at any level, from business units to the specific file, including autonomous communities, provinces and negotiation entities.
  • Analysis by product or presentation/SKU.
  • Internal administration of dashboards.
  • Export data to Excel or PDF.
  • Dynamic and ad-hoc analysis through the pivot tool in BIsiona’s BI module.

Also, the BIsiona platform has a set of reporting tools that allow advanced users to produce dashboards and simple or complex reports and publish them for internal use through the roles and authorisations policy.


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