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Integrated Management and Analysis of tenders and negotiations

Tenders & Accounts

Organization and automation of processes


Business Intelligence System


Obtaining strategic indicators

The fast and flexible solution to optimise processesin the hospital business

BIsiona has developed a solution that helps in the complex management task involved in public tenders and tenders, for public bodies; or the negotiations between the laboratories and the different private hospital groups.

These sales processes involve a large part of the organization and entail a high effort of coordination, documentation, approvals and follow-up. Even more so, when the country where the administration is carried out has a decentralized model and each regional body can establish its own rules and procedures.

This situation represents a great challenge for laboratories, which are forced to find internal resources and procedures for said management.

At BIsiona, we know that you need a tool that analyzes all the information and the importance of obtaining reliable indicators that offer you insights that help your decision making.

For all these reasons, our module offers you a complete and robust solution, organizing and automating these management processes, in addition to providing a business intelligence system where you can obtain strategic indicators that allow the Management and the KAMs to establish the best strategies to compete in such a demanding market, as it is today, the hospital market.

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Simplification of NEGOTIATION processes and requirements

  • Through different types of workflow to undertake all types of contests and negotiations.
  • Forms associated with each state of the process that facilitate the fulfillment of each phase of the contest or negotiation.
  • Registration and calculation of compliance dates.
  • Management of trading entities and their association with clients of the internal finance and sales platform (ERP).
  • Offer version management.
  • Extensions.
  • Mass modifications.
  • Generation of reports for any characteristic of the files.

Increased agility in the tasks of each participant in the flow

  • Approvals.
  • Roles.
  • Notifications of pending actions.
  • Deadline reminders.
  • Avoiding mistakes and improving productivity.

AnalYtics, integrated with BIsiona's business intelligence engine providing

  • Any type of dashboard integrating quantitative information on contests, sales and competitor information.
  • Analysis at any level, from the business unit to the file, going of course through Autonomous Communities, provinces and negotiation entities.
  • Analysis by product or presentation/sku.
  • Internal administration of
  • Dashboards.
  • Data export to Excel and PDF.
  • Dynamic and ad-hoc analysis through the pivot tool of the BIsiona BI module.


  • Loading teachers and sales from the ERP.
  • Interface for historical loading.
  • Integration of data from supplying companies that communicate tenders or information on the competition.

Full traceability of actions and results

  • Change management.
  • Reports for consultation and download of changes for auditors.
  • Register of emails sent/received by the system.
  • Roles and authorizations with segregation of functions.

Adaptability to business needs

  • Specific requirements depending on the type of business, drugs, diagnostic devices, supplies and other hospital materials.
  • Risk/Cost Sharing Agreement.

Integrated document management

  • Integration and storage of documents in each phase of the process.
  • Automatic generation of documents.

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Tenders & Accounts

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Tenders & Accounts

Tenders & Accounts

Comprehensive management and analysis of contests and negotiations.

Tenders & Accounts

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Tenders & Accounts

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Tenders & Accounts

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