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Together because of you

Professionals who work for professionals

Above all, at BIsiona you will find professionals who work for professionals.  We are proud to have been born in the engineering sector and specialised and grown in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

In our organisation, as in any large family, each person plays a unique and key role that adds to the whole, to the ultimate purpose, which is to make your job easier.  


We make your job easier

Our aim is to develop products that turn all the knowledge provided by our customers into functionalities. This means that it is essential to listen before we can contribute.

We work and evolve with you

We identify the best practices in the industry to offer better solutions day after day.


Commitment to quality

As a key factor in our Business Intelligence solutions and customer satisfaction.


Involvement and professionalism

Our team develops, evolves and implements the most advanced BI products in the industry and is responsible for everything it creates and offers.


On-line and phone support

The BIsiona team has a highly developed sense of urgency. We know how important time is to our customers so our response to any incidents must be fast and precise.


Fully qualified

Besides our technological expertise, our team has a thorough knowledge of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.



Your education, your career and your experience are important to us. If you’re looking for a place to grow, you’ve come to the right place. Send us your CV.

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