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We foster development


Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Data Science & AI

Deep analysis and data prediction.

Tenders & Accounts  Solutions

Tenders & Accounts

Comprehensive management and analysis of contests and negotiations.

Performance Measurement

Objectives and Incentives, the motivation of the organization.

Commercial Performance Solutions

Commercial Performance

Commercial effectiveness at your fingertips.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Market analysis to design the future.


We work exclusively for the pharmaceutical and health industry, with a very high standard that covers all analysis needs out of the box. Growing with us allows:

JJJJJJJJ May your benefit be greater

JJJJJJJJ Reduce your costs and fade the threshold of uncertainty

In short, with BIsiona you guarantee your investment.



Thanks to our focus on the pharmaceutical market, we are leaders in reducing implementation times, which allows:

JJJJJJJJ An immediate start-up

JJJJJJJJ A maximization of your business.

The BIsiona platform is a safe choice, proven and endorsed by the multiple implementations carried out in the industry.



Each of the solutions offers maintenance and evolution according to your specific needs.

Because we know that you are unique, our turnkey implementation and start-up service detects your particularities and grows with you.


Without uncertainties and with a guarantee of success, the BIsiona platform allows the visualization of information through any device and at any time.

Because we know that every moment counts, you will always have your data at your fingertips.

We are aware of the amount of information that moves around us and that each insight inferred after an analysis is a step towards excellence, so when you are looking for a specialized solution, you work with BIsiona.

At BIsiona we design solutions that provide differential value, offering you a platform that gives you Specialization, Immediacy, Flexibility, and Adaptability


At BIsiona we develop specific technological solutions to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical and Health industry.

Thanks to a team with extensive experience in the sector and a technological profile, BIsiona continues to successfully and continuously overcome the new challenges that arise in the market caused by the appearance of technological advances that change both the needs of companies and organizations, like those of the clients.

By integrating the solutions that we offer at BIsiona, you will not only be at the forefront of the latest technological advances and newer methodologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Data Science. But you will also ensure the success of your company, increasing the volume of business and acquiring a competitive advantage over other competing companies in the sector.

BIsiona Solutions