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We foster development

We are aware of the amount of information flowing around us and every insight drawn from an analysis is a step towards excellence. So when you need a specialised solution, you turn to BIsiona.

BIsiona designs solutions that provide a differentiation value, offering you a platform that provides you with:


We work exclusively for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry with extremely high standards and an out-of-the-box solution to meet every analytical need.

By growing with us, your profits will be greater, your costs will be lower and the uncertainty threshold will disappear. In short, with BIsiona, you guarantee your investment.


Each solution offers maintenance and development in line with your specific needs.

We know that you are unique and that is why our deployment service and turnkey solution detects your special features and grows with you.


Thanks to our focus on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, we are leaders in minimising deployment times to have the solution operating straight away, and in maximising your business performance.

The BIsiona platform is a safe choice, as confirmed and endorsed by the many deployments we have already completed in the industry.


Free of uncertainties and with definite success, the BIsiona platform allows its users to view the information from any device at any time.

As we know that every instant counts, you will always have your data at hand.

BIsiona Solutions

Competitive Intelligence

Market analysis to design the future.

Commercial Performance

Commercial performance within your reach.

Tenders & Accounts

Integrated management and analysis of tenders and negotiations.

Route Optimization

Tracking field activity.

Performance Measurement

Targets and Incentives that drive the organisation.