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Performance Measurement system 

The most flexible and complete system adaptable to your most complex needs 

BIsiona believes in your success and that is why we have also developed a special solution that will help you manage the target and incentive schemes for employees, especially for your organisation’s sales area.

Would you like to have a tool that is also fully integrated with the indicators involved in calculating the incentives and targets? This is now possible with BIsiona.

“Simplify and streamline the efforts and resources put into planning targets and incentives”

We want to simplify and streamline the efforts and resources that are usually put into this type of schemes. We have detected the use of many tools that fail to provide an optimum management and lead to unnecessary mistakes.

We understand that detailed information adjusted to each player involved is what helps an organisation to move forward.

With our Performance Measurement System module you will have a system to plan and calculate targets and incentives that is fully integrated with the sales and all other indicators that the sales area uses on a daily basis.

What are the benefits of the Performance Measurement System module?

BIsiona’s target and incentive system allows you to fully manage and follow up the process, from setting the targets to viewing and following up the incentives through simple useful dashboards.

Learn the main functionalities:

Set targets

  • This enables the use of different criteria: business unit, line and product or product ranges.
  • It creates simulations by changing the values of the variables involved in calculating the setting of targets: market sales, weighted growth of accounts…
  • Integration of sales data, market, automatic history logs (if you already have the BI module), avoiding interface mistakes.
  • Calculation and/or allocation of targets by territory, representative, province, reference hospital, sanibrick, account, etc.
  • Target allocation based on monthly weights reflecting the seasonality, if any, or other circumstances such as growth in time.
  • Adjustment to the reality of each territory: the country or area managers can adjust them to these target versions proposed for their teams.
  • Chance to choose different time periods (by months, quarters, years, mixed…) and other measurements (values, counting units…).
  • Automatically loads the target plan and displays the sales dashboards to help the sales force analyse and follow up their progress.

Progress for quantitative and qualitative targets/incentives

  • BIsiona’s module allows you to manage sales indicators as other qualitative indicators (training plans, action, etc.).
  • Load progress made with qualitative targets.
  • Group targets.
  • Show performance curves in quantitative and qualitative terms.

 Manage incentives

  • Calculate incentives.

  • Performance curves.

  • Escalation, “Pass”, recovery.

  • Payment collection allocated by cycle or years.

  • Manage new recruits.
  • Manage incidents, sick leave, maternity leave, replacements, vacancies….
  • BASE incentives, yearly regulation, discretionary bonuses.
  • Publication of incentive scheme and schedules.


  • Analysis of incentives at any territorial or organisational level.

  • Analysis by products and ranges.

  • Follow-up dashboards and simulation of incentives.
  • Incentive schemes available to check them on line.

With this BIsiona module, you will have a global view of the sales analysis,
targets achieved and incentives earned.


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