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Management of objectives and incentives


The most agile and complete solution for the management of objectives and incentives


The processes of analyzing sales objectives and salary incentives can become a complicated and tedious task for organizations.

For this reason, at BIsiona we offer our Performance Measurement module, a solution completely integrated into the BIsiona platform that allows for easier and more agile management of Incentives and Sales Objectives.

Some of the advantages that our module is already providing in many companies are:



More effective management of salary incentives

Thanks to the integration of multiple parameters that allow the module to adapt perfectly to the characteristics of each commercial organization.


Release time and resources

increasing the company’s Competitiveness


Contribute to a better achievement of the company's salary goals

Which implies an increase in sales in the medium term, and business growth.


Improve the Salesforce performance

By being able to control their performance in a much more useful and agile way through intuitive Dashboards.

And these are just some of the many advantages and benefits that you could obtain by integrating our BI module, Performance Measurement, in your organization.

A comprehensive and flexible solution specifically designed to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and with which you can achieve more efficient management of sales objectives and incentives.


Discover more about our solution for managing objectives and incentives in the following video or by contacting our team of experts here.