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Market analysis to design the future

Competitive Intelligence

Find the agile and robust analysis of the market

The analysis process related to Competitive Intelligence requires a great effort to collect, integrate and relate data to obtain executive indicators that allow decisions to be made within an organization.

For this reason, BIsiona has designed a CI module in its platform that offers a robust and agile response to our clients.

You will be able to offer your organization a fast and always up-to-date solution. And most importantly, we give you the tool that allows you to dynamically analyze the market making more accurate strategic decisions.


Dynamic Market Analysis


Agile and always up-to-date solution

Discover all the possibilities of Competitive Intelligence



Data source integration

For the analysis of markets for joint exploitation and analysis, such as:

  • Sell In.
  • Prescriptions.
  • Sell Out.
  • Sell ​​In, Sell Out distributions.
  • Hospital Audit.
  • Sales according to Social Security.
  • OTC Sell In, Sell Out.
  • Bot Plus.
  • Share of voice.
  • Budget, forecast.

In addition, we include automatic data steward processes in the wizards and loading processes, ensuring the integrity of the information.

Master Data Management

It includes Master Data Management capabilities, highlighting other functionalities such as Market Management that allow ad hoc segmentation of markets beyond the attributes of therapeutic groups, molecules or other standard groupings of data sources. In this way, the granularity of the analysis adapts to any business requirement.

At BIsiona we are aware of the continuous changes in the market, which is why the BIsiona CI module includes dynamic and automatic market management wizards based on rules that can be defined by the administrator and that are applied automatically with each data load.

calculation of indicators

CI also includes functionalities that allow us to automatically calculate indicators such as days of treatment (DoT), dose, patients or others, which allow a more realistic analysis of indicators such as market share and penetration by adapting the characteristics to be analyzed in the same order. of magnitude.

Reduction of delivery times

Time is money, and with the BIsiona CI module you will drastically reduce the delivery time to internal customers. Market analysts can now focus on qualitative analysis of the market because the quantitative treatment of data will be done by the system.

With BIsiona you will achieve more value for your company by promoting self-consumption of information.


Dashboards and reports that are published in the system in an agile, simple and attractive way for analysis.

The reporting tools allow our clients to modify and publish dashboards on the platform. In this way, a high degree of satisfaction is created by responding to business demands immediately.

Business Analytics

Market analysis is supported by the Business Analytics layer, which allows us to analyze the different indicators. Fully integrated with the data model as the only centralized query source, it offers the same information at any level, which translates into integrity and trust for all users.

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