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Commercial Performance


Commercial performance within your reach

BIsiona is fully aware that to ensure the appropriate business support, you must be able to promptly address any needs that arise within the organization, as may be the need to analyse newly found insights.

Therefore, it is crucial to rely on a solution that will integrate all the sources of interest for the company and keep them up to date and conveniently crossed for their exploitation.

Furthermore, if we also add an analytics module that will provide us with the indicators of greatest value to the business by territory, we will have a Sales Force Effectiveness solution.

BIsiona’s BI platform includes this specific solution for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, ready to be used with its out-of-the-box functionality for all the Sales Force Effectiveness needs in the industry and covering the different business profiles, whether based on hospital products, specialist products, primary attention, diagnosis, generic drugs, devices, OTC or other products.

“A solution that integrates all the sources of interest for a lab”

BIsiona platform supplies an extensive data model to provide a robust integration of the data sources used by the industry and involved in the sales effectiveness, including:

  • Statistic sales data.
  • Targets.
  • Domestic sales, ERP.
  • Activity, CRM.
  • Activity, CLM.
  • Accounts and Patients.
  • Investments.
  • Orders.
  • Wholesalers.
  • Strategies and tactics to access the account and market.

It also provides the settings for relationships between the different data sources and the automatic data stewardship included in the assistants and load processes.

The Master Data Management Tool included and integrated in the solution is a key element for a solution that will lead and quickly adapt to the needs for SFE.

The MDM tool enables a dynamic integration of the data sources and therefore addresses the business needs. You can now modify or create a market or a sales force network without new programming or consulting services.


Administration Tools includes an extensive set of functionalities that allow the client to administer and get the system running independently.

BIsiona understands that independence in management is crucial. This is why our solution allows the client to, among many other functionalities, manage users, profiles, authorisations and access statistics.

Do you need to be near your sales force? From the BIsiona platform you can create tasks and plans and make it all accessible by e-mail.

We make your life easier and closer, that is why you can change the threshold parameters of a Frequency Target, create indicators, scores, etc.

Business Analytics, integrity and analytics for all users.

A BI system that allows both horizontal and vertical analysis of the different indicators is critical. Fully integrated with the data model as the only centralised source for searches, it offers the same information at any level and on any dashboard in an appealing and dynamic way.

 Create dashboards and reports. Publish and choose recipients by roles and authorisations.

The reporting tools on the BIsiona platform allow our customers to change and publish dashboards themselves without developments or third-party consulting services. This creates a high degree of satisfaction as it meets business requirements immediately.


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