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Commercial efficiency at your fingertips

Commercial Performance

A solution that integrates all the sources of interest for a laboratory

At BIsiona we are aware that to carry out a good business support management, it is key to give a quick response to any need that arises in the organization, such as the requirement to analyze new insights that are detected.

For this reason, it is essential to have a solution that integrates all the sources of interest to the company, keeps them updated and conveniently cross-referenced for their exploitation.

BIsiona includes in its BI platform this specific solution for the pharmaceutical and health industry, ready for use including “out of the box” all the needs of Sale force Effectiveness of the industry and covering the different business profiles, whether they are focused in hospital, specialist, primary care, diagnostic, generic, device, OTC or other products.


Analytics module to obtain value indicators


Sales Force Effectiveness Solution



a solution of
business efficiency



Robust integration of data sources

The BIsiona platform provides an extensive data model for the robust integration of data sources used by the industry and involved in commercial effectiveness, such as:

  • Statistical sales data.
  • Goals.
  • Domestic sales, ERP.
  • Activity, CRM.
  • Activity, CLM.
  • Accounts and Patients.
  • Investments.
  • Orders.
  • Wholesalers.
  • Strategies and tactics of access to the account and market.

Also providing the configuration of relationships between the different data sources and the automatic data steward process included in the wizards and load processes.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management Tool included and integrated in the solution, it is an essential element for a solution that leads and quickly adapts to the needs of SFE.

MDM makes it possible to maintain a dynamic integration of data sources and therefore respond to business needs. Now it is possible to modify or create a market or a network of representatives without the need for new programming or consulting.

Administration Tools

It includes a wide set of utilities that allow the client to manage and give life to the system autonomously.

BIsiona understands that autonomy when managing is crucial, which is why our solution allows, among many other features, to manage users, profiles, authorizations, access statistics.

From the BIsiona platform you can create tasks, plan and make all of this accessible via email.

We make your day to day easy and close, that’s why you can change the parameterization of thresholds of a Frequency Target, create indicators, scores, etc.


Create dashboards and reports. Publish and choose recipients through roles and permissions.

The reporting tools of the BIsiona platform allow our clients to modify and publish dashboards by themselves without resorting to third-party development or consulting. In this way, a high degree of satisfaction is created by responding to business demands immediately.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics, integrity and analytics for all users.

A BI system that allows both horizontal and vertical analysis of the different indicators is essential. Fully integrated with the data model as the only centralized query source, managing to offer the same information at any level and in any dashboard in an attractive and dynamic way.

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