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Artificial Intelligence & data science


Solutions that go beyond BI

At BIsiona, we are aware that in increasingly competitive environments, different and innovative solutions are required that allow us not only to respond to market needs, but also to anticipate them and thus be able to respond proactively.

That is why Bisiona has been working since 2019 in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence technologies, and also collaborating with the Polytechnic University of Madrid in the search for innovative methodologies and solutions to apply them to business cases in the Pharmaceutical and Health industry. As a result of this collaboration, we can offer the market value models, already tested, based on Machine Learning and Data Science integrated in our module called baia.

«Business Artificial Intelligence Angel»

BUSINESS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ANGEL (baia), is the new set of models and methodologies proposed by Bisiona that combines different techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and that will help companies to create more precise business strategies and improve sales performance thanks to the recommendations generated by the system. How? Through the application of different statistical and Machine Learning methods and algorithms that enable learning and searching for patterns of success, thus generating a unique and real differential value proposition for each of our clients.

The AI ​​solutions we offer through baia are particular and concrete, adapted for each business, product, pathology and objective. Where, thanks to the integration of multiple data sources (both public and private), all the associated numerical and discrete variables, and the analysis of the information, we obtain a prediction of success patterns that allow us to improve the sales efficiency of our clients.

«Benefits and Advantages of integrating our AI models»

With the application of our Artificial Intelligence models, we can generate solutions to common problems such as:

  • The search for patterns of success in commercial activity that are later transformed into active recommendations for application in specific territories with the aim of obtaining better sales results. Thus, achieving recurring performance improvements cycle by cycle and improving the sales’ performance in different territories.


Intelligent optimization of the territorial alignment of sales networks through algorithms that generate the ideal solutions for assigning territories.

These alignments can have different objectives, from the redistribution and optimization of territories, to:

  • The reduction of the territorial structure while maintaining the volume of sales.


  • The increase in the potential volume of sales and the reallocation of territories and calculation of the need for new sellers.


  • Optimal reordering of the existing sales network.


  • Or the creation of a new territorial structure for new product launches among many other objectives.

Thanks to the fact that the system allows considering multiple scenarios, we have the possibility to select the most optimal and appropriate one for our needs. To do this, it allows simulations taking into account the objective, multiple factors and variables, as well as the possibility of incorporating all kinds of assignment restrictions. What makes this model a flexible, scalable, and adjustable solution to all types of scenarios.

In addition, we develop other application models based on natural language analysis methods, applied to solutions for the search, extraction and interpretation of information in documents, including pdf and images, as well as the automatic segmentation of profiles through existing public information in Internet.


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