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The impact of Pharma 4.0 in the sector

A process of global technological innovation

Currently, the Pharmaceutical Industry is undergoing very profound changes with great repercussions, which cover different dimensions and processes. All these changes that occur are motivated by digitization and a process of global technological innovation, which affects all companies and sectors around the world.

The adaptation and integration by companies of this type of digitizing processes is given by the needs of the market. Increasingly demanding, changing and dynamic needs. During these digitization processes, companies integrate increasingly intelligent systems developed thanks to the appearance of new methodologies and tools such as Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science or Data Analytics.

The adoption of these new digital and intelligent tools in companies are the result of what is called the fourth industrial revolution. A process characterized by the application of intelligent systems and tools in companies with the aim of integrating the machines with the people of an organization. Thus, improving the efficiency and productivity of companies.

Specifically, with regard to the Pharmaceutical Industry, the impact of the fourth industrial revolution is summarized in the term Pharma 4.0

Introducing new concepts: PHARMA 4.0

The impact of the so-called Pharma 4.O, although its meaning may still be unknown to many people, is growing exponentially and affects many companies and laboratories in the sector. And as I have mentioned, its origin comes from the combination of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the so-called 4th industrial revolution.

The term Pharma 4.0 refers to continuous digital growth and the intention to adapt new digital, technological and intelligent tools such as Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence or Data Analytics to the processes and people involved in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Pursuing the ultimate goal of changing current business models towards new ones where technology can take over more and more processes to gain productivity, efficiency and operational agility.

However, and despite its multiple advantages in pharmaceutical companies and laboratories (advancing research processes, patient monitoring, or optimization of internal processes). The adoption of this type of tool is still not fully widespread, since many industry leaders still feel insecure integrating this type of technology. They want to use and take advantage of the benefits that tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning would bring them, but they simply do not know how.

Pharma 4.0

Intelligent Systems Applications: Commercial Area

One of the areas where the so-called Pharma 4.0 is causing the greatest changes and where pharmaceutical companies and laboratories can begin to perceive short-term benefits are the commercial areas or departments.

This impact is of great relevance since pharmaceutical companies and laboratories hope to improve productivity and gain agility in their commercial areas, since it is a key activity to achieve a competitive and advantageous position in an increasingly competitive, cost-oriented, and where changes occur with increasing dynamism.

That is why many companies and laboratories in the sector already integrate Intelligent Systems in their processes with the aim of improving their practices. Thus increasing opportunities and volume of business.

Some of the many applications and advantages that these intelligent systems can offer companies and laboratories in the sector are:


AI systems have the ability to predict future behavior patterns based on analysis of historical data. Thanks to the predictive capacity of these systems, laboratories can be given the opportunity to improve their multichannel strategies and actions, thus creating a culture of good practices in the commercial area to gain greater commercial efficiency.


Another interesting use of AI capabilities in the commercial area of ​​a pharmaceutical company is in the definition and management of networks and sales routes. AI-based intelligent systems can, based on the definition of configurable parameters, articulate more precise and optimal definitions and adaptations of territories. Thus helping laboratories and companies in the sector to reduce costs.

If you want to continue delving into the possibilities and advantages that intelligent systems can bring to an organization, we recommend that you read our post “Implementation and activation of AI infrastructures”. Where, in addition to showing you the different benefits and applications of these systems based on AI methodologies, we introduce you to a powerful tool for optimizing and improving the processes and activities of the commercial area.

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