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Optimization in the processes of managing contests and negotiations

The comprehensive management and analysis of tenders and negotiations with hospitals and laboratories can become long, tedious and complicated processes, which subtract many resources from companies and organizations in the Pharmaceutical and Health industry.

These sales processes involve a large part of the organization and entail a high effort of coordination, documentation, approvals and follow-up. Even more so, when the country where the administration is carried out has a decentralized model and each regional body can establish its own rules and procedures.

This situation represents a great challenge for laboratories, which are forced to find internal resources and procedures for said management.

For this reason, at BIsiona we have developed a solution that helps in the complex management task involved in public tenders and tenders, for public bodies; or the negotiations between the laboratories and the different private hospital groups.


Management of tenders and negotiations

A tool that analyzes all the information and obtains reliable indicators that offer you insights that help your decision making.

For all these reasons, our module offers a complete and robust solution, organizing and automating these management processes, in addition to providing a Business Intelligence system where strategic indicators are obtained that allow the Management and the KAMs to establish the best strategies to compete in such a demanding market, as it is today, the hospital market.

Some of the many benefits that it could bring to companies in the sector are:

Comprehensive management and analysis of contests and negotiations

Through simple Dashboards that make it easy to monitor the process at all times, and a powerful Analytical engine that allows dynamic analysis at any level.

Simplification of negotiation processes and requirements

Thanks to the integration of different types of Workflows to undertake all types of contests and negotiations.

Increased operational agility of the company and integrated document management

Thanks to functionalities such as the automated entry of information, the ability to adapt to business needs, and the increased fluency in the tasks of each participant in the flow.

And these are just some of the many advantages that can be achieved with the implementation of our solution for the comprehensive management and analysis of contests and negotiations.

Find out more about our Tenders & Accounts solution in the following video or by contacting our team of experts here.

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