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Challenges for companies to implement AI

The digitalization of the Pharmaceutical Industry: Accelerator of innovation

In recent years, the Pharmaceutical industry has experienced exponential growth, largely encouraged by the appearance of the health crisis caused by COVID-19. A few years marked by great uncertainty and drastic, very dynamic changes that led to a race for digitization in many companies and laboratories in the sector.

This digital adoption process was driven by the need to face the new challenges and demands that the market began to demand. The rise in the design and manufacture of personalized medicine, a trend that led to the reduction of internal costs throughout the supply chain, and the need to streamline and increase the response capacity of companies to sudden demands of the industry, were some of the many reasons that motivated this digitization of the sector.

In this context, some tools and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence took the lead in this digital revolution, thus constituting the most demanded technology by the actors in the Health sector.

The reasons? Thanks to the deployment and increased investment in these technologies, it has been possible to develop highly effective tools capable of helping companies improve their efficiency and performance.

Challenges implement AI

In short, Artificial Intelligence has been presented as an innovative technology that has had a significant impact on the way companies and laboratories in the sector compete and operate. Offering endless new possibilities and opportunities to improve productivity and make smart decisions.

Challenges implement AI

Challenges for a correct implementation

Change in mindset

It is necessary a change in the mentality on the part of the people who constitute the companies. New technologies transform the way in which tasks are carried out, and employees must be open to face changes at the operational level.

Changes at the organizational level

In addition, companies must develop a correct Data Governance policy. That is, establish a series of guidelines and standards that will govern the use, responsibility and scope of the data generated.

Changes in decision making

Another aspect that companies must ensure for a correct integration of these tools is to be open to changing the way in which decisions are made and strategies are formulated. With proper use, these analytical systems can offer companies the information and knowledge necessary to formulate more efficient and accurate strategies.

Facilitate knowledge

Many of the main reasons why many companies are reluctant to implement these technologies are the result of ignorance. AI is a technology that requires understanding and commitment from the company in order to ensure correct adoption and thus make the most of its capabilities.


Challenges implement AI
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