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Artificial intelligence in the real world

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence is making its way into Spanish companies, and its presence will continue to grow in the coming years. However, there are studies that show that the degree of satisfaction of companies with respect to the implementation of AI is not entirely satisfactory.

Thus, only 16% of the organizations that have integrated Artificial Intelligence into their processes consider that they are taking full advantage of this powerful tool.

These data do not question the importance of the implementation of AI in organizations and companies. Since the growing amount of unstructured information existing in the market and the massive volume of data, it is necessary for companies to equip themselves with tools capable of converting all this information into keys, insights and useful strategies that allow them to benefit from the data. that generate.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The implementation of AI in the Health and Pharmaceutical sector brings with it numerous benefits and advantages for those organizations and laboratories that use it. Some of these advantages are:


Follow-up of the evolution of the patients


Optimizing the use of medicines


Generation of more successful strategies thanks to the predictive capacity of AI

That is why the need to integrate this type of technology in the current scenario is undeniable. But why do so many companies feel that they do not get a real benefit from this type of methodology?

The key to guaranteeing the success of AI in companies lies in the way in which this type of technology is implemented in companies and organizations. And it is that, for a correct integration of AI in organizations, 4 key phases are identified that must be followed:


First step

Analyze the systematization of decision making.


Second step

Once the systematization has been analyzed, the information is labeled. But only that which is relevant for decision making.


Third step

Thirdly, the different statistical algorithms are tested to choose those that are most suitable for the decision process that is carried out.


Fourth step

And, finally, the AI ​​system must be allowed to learn to improve the results obtained.

BAIA: The new AI engine developed by BIsiona

BUSINESS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ANGEL, is the new set of models and methodologies proposed by BISIONA that combines different Artificial Intelligence and Data Science techniques. And that helps companies create more precise business strategies and improve sales performance thanks to the recommendations generated by the system.

How do we do it? Through the application of different statistical and Machine Learning algorithms that enable learning and the search for patterns of success. Thus, generating a differential, unique and real value proposition for each of our clients.

In addition, at BISIONA we are aware of how important it is to ensure the proper integration of this type of technology in each business. Adapting it to the specific needs and characteristics of each laboratory and company.

That is why the AI ​​solutions we offer through baia are particular and specific, adapted to each business, product, pathology and objective.

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