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Analytics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

With the help of data analytics, Big Data or Business Intelligence, many daily processes in companies and organizations can be optimized, which can result in a better use of resources and an increase in business.

The Pharmaceutical industry is not excluded from these possibilities. And it is that this sector has a series of peculiarities that makes the knowledge of insights and the analysis and management of data more necessary than ever.

Specifically, the implementation of this type of tools in an organization can improve and enhance decision-making processes. Some of the benefits that can be obtained are:

Analytics in the Pharmaceutical industry

More efficient management of the configuration and distribution of incentives


More precise definition and optimal monitoring of sales objectives

Thus contributing to an increase in business volume.


More efficient management of the organization’s budgets


Making forecasts with configurable parameters

That will allow your company to make decisions more accurately based on the analysis of historical data.

And these are just some of the many advantages that can be achieved with the implementation of Business Intelligence and Analytics models in the Pharmaceutical industry.

At BIsiona, we have multiple solutions based on BI and Artificial Intelligence, which will allow your company to optimize and improve daily processes.

Our Performance Measurement module is a comprehensive and flexible solution specifically designed to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and with which you can achieve more efficient management of sales objectives and incentives.

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