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Tailor-made solutions for the sector.

We design technological solutions based on the latest trends and advances in the sector, with the aim of offering a comprehensive response to the needs, problems and challenges faced by the Pharma and Health industry.


History and vision

BISIONA Business Solutions was born in 2005 as a business intelligence company led by a team of professionals with extensive experience in engineering, development and implementation of solutions for the pharmaceutical and health industry.

We specialize in this sector to become your technological partner and ensure that you continue to grow thanks to the implementation of our platform and solutions fully adapted and designed to meet the needs of the sector.

We firmly believe that a good analysis of the information is key to decision making and for this reason we develop solutions that facilitate the analysis of behavior and obtaining Insights that allow you to redesign your strategies with the aim of increasing the volume of business, and achieving greater business efficiency.

Our extensive and specialized knowledge in the Pharma and Health industry allows us to understand you quickly and efficiently, which facilitates the implementation of BISIONA solutions in your business in very short periods of time.

Greater commercial efficiency with BISIONA

We develop solutions with the aim of enhancing your commercial efficiency, establishing continuous improvement processes in organizations.



growth and success

Since its inception, BISIONA has always maintained an interest in continuing to grow internationally, offering solutions adapted to the needs and characteristics of different markets.

For this reason, BISIONA’s desire to continue growing constantly has led us to develop increasingly ambitious expansion and globalization projects.

As a result of our desire to grow globally, we have established an international presence in numerous countries around the world.

Today, BISIONA is focused on continuing to grow by developing expansion projects, with a special interest in expanding the business in the global market.

BISIONA globalization
Adaptabilidad Pharma


We are proud to be demanding with our work.

We look for the best solution for you. And in every step we take we want to be the best, so that you can be too.

We want to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Robustez Pharma


We investigate and improve. Innovation from the point of view of improving, making things different, easier for you and yours.

Because in a world where the data cloud is growing by leaps and bounds, we are motivated to investigate and create solutions that give us a clean and fast view of what is happening around us.

Experiencia Pharma


We believe in relationships, people as the engine of change. We believe in our team, in our collaborators and in you.

For this reason, we only see ourselves as your technological partner, the figure that walks with you and grows by your side.

We listen to you, we ask and we propose. We believe in lasting relationships.

Experiencia Pharma


We believe that the correct interpretation of data is directly linked to improving people’s lives.

We must know and optimize the information that surrounds us to work better and only in this way will we achieve daily satisfaction in our work.

With this philosophy we work on the research, development and improvement of our solutions. Conceived and designed for you, for your laboratory.

We are moved by the idea of ​​making your work easier

At BISIONA you will find above all a team of professionals who, in addition to being experts in the field of technology and engineering, also have extensive knowledge of the Pharmaceutical and Health industry.

In our organization, like a large family, each one plays a key and unique role, which adds to the whole, to the final result, making your job easier.


As a key factor in our Business Intelligence solutions and customer satisfaction.


The BISIONA team has a high sense of urgency, we know the importance of our clients’ time and that the interaction in the event of any incident must be fast and precise.


Our team develops, evolves and implements the most advanced BI products for the industry, taking responsibility for what we create and offer.

BISIONA Solutions
Solutions for the Pharma industry

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